You can register to Hekimzade Network system for FREE.

All members who register for free are considered "Representative Candidate". Representative Candidates cannot refer to others and cannot network. They get the right to buy all products in the system with a 5% discount on the "Catalogue Price".

"Representative Candidates" who have made a personal turnover of 250 TL or more during the one-month campaign period are considered "Representative" by the system, and now they get the right to a representative discount according to the status they will receive while obtaining the right to be a reference to others.

You can log in to the virtual store by clicking the VIRTUAL STORE button on the left menu. After adding the products in the Virtual Store to your Cart, follow the instructions to the payment page. Complete the order by choosing your payment method.

You can request assistance from your sponsor or Support Personnel, or you can come to our company for training by making an appointment.

According to the Hekimzade Network System Code of Ethics, you cannot change sponsors. However, you can cancel your membership.
Reminder: A person whose membership has been canceled can become a member again at the earliest 12 months after the cancellation date.

The representative must be Active in order for his monthly earnings in the earnings plan to turn into vesting.

You can request a return from the RETURN OPERATIONS section through your own Representative Panel, and you can give us information by contacting us at 0212 292 0900. The return period is 15 business days, please check that the return process has not passed.

Do you have checks in STEP 1 on the Cart page after you have placed your order through your Personal Virtual Store? Your available checks are listed in the Optional Menu under the question. You can select the Check you want to use from this list and apply your check to your order. Since the check you will choose is for one-time use, if your order amount is lower than your check amount, the balance will not be reflected in your account as a check and it will be processed as you have used all of it.

You can increase your GSE membership, which you realize free of charge, to the STATUS OF APPROVED REPRESENTATIVE by placing an order over 250.-TL (excluding shipping and catalog amount). After becoming an approved representative, you can enlarge your organization by registering new members under your own sponsorship.

You can find out your cargo tracking number by calling us at 0212-2920900 and you can query it through the relevant cargo's own system.

You can unsubscribe at any time. GSEWORK FOOD HEALTH IND. ve TIC LTD. STI. your wet signed membership resignation letter addressed to T.C. It is sufficient to send it to our central address along with your ID copy. Your membership will be canceled after the check. If you request membership again after cancellation, 1 year must have passed from the date of cancellation.

You can cancel your order that you have given and confirmed by calling our call center and informing.

Customer service

0212 292 09 00

Hekimzade Team